• Stans Energy Processing Plant Tour

    Click here to watch the video tour of the Stans Energy Processing Plant
  • Stans Acquires HREE Processing Facility & Rail Terminal

    Stans Energy has 100% ownership of the past producing HREE Kashka Rare Earth Processing Plant (KRP). KRP has as thirty year track record of production of 120 different RE metals, alloys and oxides.
  • JORC Compliant Mineral Resource Estimate: Kutessay II

    Stans Energy has released the results of an independent technical report, which includes an Australian Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) compliant mineral resource estimate for the Kutessay II Heavy Rare Earth open pit mine.
  • Rare Earth Round Table

    Stans Energy Corp, in cooperation with the Canadian Embassy in Russia, organized a round table discussion to start a trilateral business initiative between Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Canada to create a new rare earth products supply chain.
  • Stans at a Glance

    Our business consists of exploring and developing resource properties that contain metals necessary for the future of our planet. Stans Energy’s immediate goal is to become a near-term producer of heavy rare earth elements (HREEs). We’ve created an introductory video for viewers to better understand our company’s potential.

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