Dr. Gennady Sarychev

  • Director of VNIIHT – The Leading Institute of Chemical Technology
  • Department Head of Planning and Construction of Infrastructure Objects of the Federal Agency for Management of Special Economic Zones of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia
  • Deputy Head of the Department of State Policy on Science, Innovations and Intellectual Property
  • Director of the International Technical Cooperation Section; Department of Scientific Research Work of the Ministry of General and Professional Education of the Russian Federation
  • Director of the Department of Scientific Research Work for the State Committee of the Russian Federation
  • Chief Specialist at the Department of Scientific Research and Development for the Russian Ministry of Science
  • Professor at the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPI)

Dr. Valery D. Kosynkin

  • Leading Russian chemist and metallurgist for rare earth elements (REEs)
  • Chemistry degree from Moscow State University, Ph.D. dissertation in a uranium related topic, doctorate dissertation on the development of REEs through processing loparite concentrate
  • From 1959 – present, Kosynk in has been employed by Russia’s State Institute of Chemical Technologies (VNIIHT), holding the following positions – Chief of Laboratory, Head of the REEs Department, and at present, he presides as an Advisor. Since 1973, he has been in charge of VNIIHT’s research and development of REEs chemistry and technology.
  • Dr. Kosynkin has been in charge of the technical research and commissioning of new REE productions in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia and Kazakhstan.
  • Kosynkin became a professor in 1990. He has lectured in Russia, China and Korea, and was twice a recipient of USSR and Russian government awards for his work in the REE industry.

Jean Paul Tognet

  • Chemical and Nuclear Engineer
  • Distinguished 35 year career in Rare Earth Sector; Holder of several Rare Earth Patents
  • 1969-1982; Pechiney-Saint-Gobain Research Center, Mr. Tognet specialized in the beneficiation and cracking of Rare Earths ores
  • 1982-2005; La-Rochelle, France; Mr. Tognet held increasingly senior positions at Rhone Poulenc (now Rhodia)
  • Responsibilities ranged from Industrial and Raw Materials Director, to Development Manager of processing plants in France, USA, China, and Japan
  • Ultimately Mr. Tognet was responsible for sourcing and evaluating new international Rare Earth projects until his retirement in 2005.

Dr. Marat I. Fazlullin

  • Leading world expert on acid ISL technologies Professor, Doctor of Science (engineering), Member of the Mineral Resources International Academy & Honorable Geologist of the Russian Federation
  • Author of over 300 publications on Uranium & gold-ore deposits (including treatment by the heap and underground leaching methods)
  • co-authored the papers for development of the Uranium deposits in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia
  • Worked for many years in the Scientific & Research Institute of the USSR Ministry of Geology & the USSR Ministry of Medium Machine-building Industry
  • Deputy Director of the Institute, Head of Depa rtment & Director of Division responsible for prospecting & exploitation of Uranium & gold deposits
  • Head of prospecting teams & expeditions for poly-metallic, mercury deposits, oil & gas fields located in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan & Algeria as a Chief Engineer