Stans Energy Corp. has signed, working relationships with various institutes, laboratories, and universities in Russia and Kyrgyzstan. These partnerships provide the company with world-class scientific, engineering, and geological expertise, as well as extensive historical prospecting, exploration, and production data for all Stans’ projects. The partnerships bring about employment opportunities, both for institute professionals, and university students.

Russian Partnerships


VNIIHT – All-Russian Research Institute of Chemical Technology

The Federal State Unitary Enterprise, VNIIHT, was established in 1951 by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. The Institute was entrusted with the difficult task of developing a technology for the treatment of rare earth ores, radioactive materials and the production of original chemical compounds intended for the USSR nuclear industry needs. The main objectives of the Institute were: to develop a technology for the efficient extraction of uranium and associated elements, to elaborate ecologically safe, resource-saving and low-waste production technologies, and to achieve rational consumption of reagents, materials and electrical energy.

All of the twenty hydro metallurgical plants of the former Soviet Union’s nuclear industry were constructed using the technologies developed by VNIIHT. The Institute invented the acid in-situ leach uranium mining technology.

The Institute achieved scientific and technical excellence in dealing with the issues of uranium ore treatment and pollution prevention. In 1986 the Institute became the leading research institution of the nuclear industry.

VNIIHT possesses extensive scientific and technical knowledge, high-qualified personnel and all relevant permits and has vast experience in the fields of interest to Stans Energy Corporation. The Institute agreed to pursue research and development work, organize for pre-project planning, perform project work, supervise the realization of all of the projects and participate in field-scale pilot and industrial-scale work by engaging its employees and affiliates. Stans can use VNIIHT for the following projects:

Conventional laboratory test work on bulk samples, including sample characterization, gravity, flotation, hydro metallurgy using chemical reagents, and hydro metallurgy;
The development of in-situ and heap leach technologies with regard to the ore and waste treatment;
Research and development work associated with the design of drilling facilities for construction of production wells and restoration of filtrational properties of rocks;
The development of a feasibility study of uranium investment projects;
The selection of construction worksites and development of requirements specification for the specialized organizations with regard to construction engineering surveys and environmental investigations;
Concurrent design of projects, including the Mining Part, development of an entire set of working drawings and submittance of project documentation to the regional regulatory authorities for approval;
Work supervision and scientific and technical assistance during construction, commissioning and operation of the mines.

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IGPMG RAS – Institute of Geology Petrography Mineralogy and Geochemistry under the Russian Academy of Sciences

IGPMG RAS has an extensive scientific and technical knowledge, highly qualified personnel and vast experience in the fields of interest to Stans Energy Corp. The institute is willing to engage its employees and subsidiary structures in the execution of research, bench- and pilot-scale projects, such as the following:

studying of geological, hydrogeological and geochemical conditions for the formation of exogenous epigenetic ISL compatible uranium deposits;
studying of geological and physical-chemical conditions for the formation of endo- and polygenous deposits of uranium ores;
field and laboratory studies designed to investigate the conditions for subsurface migration and accumulation of radionuclides;
development of a scientific basis for geologically safe disposal of radioactive wastes;
mathematical modeling of filtration processes during ISL leaching;
assessment of geochemistry of rocks with regard to ISL mining;
application of the hydro-geochemical well-logging device at a bench to industrial pilot scale.


ARRIMR – All-Russian Research Institute of Mineral Resources

ARRIMR is one of the leading Russian scientific centers engaged in the studying of rare earths, uranium, iron, titanium, manganese, chrome, molybdenum, wolfram, tin, aluminum, tantalum, niobium, beryllium, fluorite, boron, and muscovite. The Institute is involved in a wide range of scientific investigations: studying the raw mineral base of RF including its present condition and consumption rates; ore formation analysis; lithological, mineralogical and petrographic studies, studying an elemental composition of ores and rocks; development of ore genesis theories; studying geology of ore regions, fields and deposits; examination of physical and chemical properties of minerals and their aggregates with the intention of developing advanced ore processing technologies.

ARRIMR possesses modern high-sensitivity analytical and measuring instruments for high-accuracy identification of elements and their compounds in solid, liquid and gas environments.

GEOTECH RIMR, which is a pilot industrial enterprise of ARRIMR, is located in the town of Narofominsk. GEOTECH possesses a unique set of crushing, grinding and ore processing facilities for bench- and pilot-scale testing and process flowsheet scheduling.

ARRIMR’s experts have an extensive experience in the fields of interest to Stans Energy Corp. and may conduct research and development activities, supervise the fulfillment of joint work programs, and participate in the execution of bench- and pilot-scale projects.

The responsibilities of RIMC and its subsidiary structures under this General Agreement are as follows:

Laboratory assaying of samples including the elemental analysis of ores; execution of gravity, flotation and hydrometallurgical tests using special chemical reagents;
In-situ and heap leaching tests on ores and concentrates;
Development of feasibility studies for uranium mining & production projects;
Subcontract designing of uranium processing facilities in accordance with the relevant project sections as agreed with the General Designer;
Participation in bench- and pilot-scale heap and in-situ leaching projects.



Stans Energy Corp has partnered with GEOTEP LLC for their following areas of expertise:

Traditional laboratory testing of bulk and laboratory samples including mineral composition analysis of rare earths, uranium and precious metals. GEOTEP specializes in metals recovery using hydro metallurgy with special chemical reagents, and pyro-metallurgy;
In-situ and heap leach test work on rare earth, uranium and precious metals ores and wastes;
Research and development of technologies for construction of uranium in-situ wells and restoration of filtration properties of host ores;
Feasibility studies for the development of rare earth ,uranium and precious metal deposits;
Detailed mine planning with the submission of project documents;
Field supervision along with scientific and technical assistance during construction, commissioning, start-up and mining.