Quick Facts

In the video series below, we cover everything from our properties and infrastructure to our licenses and partnerships. Click the play buttons below to watch for yourself (if you can’t see the videos, download Adobe Flash Player).

The Advantages of Stans Energy Corp.
Stans Energy owns 100% of the former Soviet mine, Kutessay II, the only mine in the world located outside of China to ever produce all 10 Heavy Rare Earth Elements (HREEs).

The Properties of Stans Energy Corp.
The Kutessay II mine and much of the surrounding mineralized zones adjacent to the mine are 100% owned and controlled by Stans Energy Corp.

Stans Energy’s Infrastructure
Many REE deposits or exploration zones don’t have access to paved roads, rail or electrical power lines. To bring their ore to processing facilities, they will have to incur the time and cost of building that infrastructure. Stans Energy’s mine – Kutessay II – already has this infrastructure in place which gives them a significant time, cost and resource allocation advantage over others.

Stans Energy’s Licenses
Stans Energy has mining licenses for REEs at Kutessay II, and Beryllium at Kalesay in the Kyrgyz Republic as of June 30, 2010. In January 2010, the Company acquired a 40 Sq. km exploration license for Rare Earth Elements (REEs) in the Aktyuz Ore Field.  This Ore Field encompasses the mining licenses for the Stans Energy’s past-producing REEs mine, Kutessay II, and their Kalesay Beryllium deposit.

VNIIHT Partnership with Stans Energy Corp.
The Russian Leading Research institute of Chemical Technology (legal Russian acronym – VNIHT) is a state owned research institute that specializes in the development of advanced technologies for exploration, processing and production of rare earth, rare-metals, precious metals, and uranium ores. On September 13, 2010 Stans Energy Corp. signed a memorandum with VNIIHT to jointly peruse the potential rare earth acquisitions.

The REE Market
REEs are essential components in green technologies.  It is said that rare earths are at the heart of the green revolution.  They are used in an abundant number of electronic devices including cell phones, laptops, LCD TVs and hybrid cars.

Stans Energy – The Past 15 Months
Within the past 15 months, Stans Energy has acquired 100% ownership of a past producing open pit mine (Kutessay II), released a detailed JORC study, purchased a heavy rare earth processing complex, & more. Watch the video below for all the details.