Chris Berry reviews Stans Energy Corp.

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Chris Berry from House Mountain Partners, LLC reviews Stans Energy Corp.

Chris Berry’s investment highlights include :

  • Has 100% ownership of the only past-producing HREE open pit mine outside of China (Kutessay II).
  • Holds a 25 yr mine license in Kyrgyzstan, the only foreign company in the country with an REE mining license.
  • Owns option to purchase KCMP, an REE processing plant located in close proximity to Kutessay II used by the Soviets when Kutessay II was in production.
  • Kutessay II produced 80% of all REEs for the Soviets for 30 yrs and was only 1/3 mined using historical estimates.
  • First drill hole targeted for Kutessay III, located adjacent to Kutessay II and thought to be double its size.
  • Ore field located 150 km from Bishkek with solid infrastructure and labor including paved roads and power.
  • Metallurgy of REEs was solved by the Soviets at great expense.
  • Forecast demand for HREEs to outstrip supply by 2014.
  • China controls 95% of REE production globally and there is an imminent shortage of production-ready projects outside of China. Kutessay II offers a rare opportunity to cost effectively produce REEs on a faster basis relative to its peers.

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