Stans Energy announces geophysical results and identifies first drill target for the ‘Aktyuz Ore Field’


July 12, 2010

The first results of Stans Energy Corp.’s (Stans or the Company) geophysical program, completed by Tien Shan Ltd., have produced a drill target within the ‘Aktyuz Ore Field’. The marked zone is located 500 m south-west of past-producing Rare Earth mine, Kutessay II, which was acquired by the Company in December, 2009. The drill target starts 75 to 100 m below the surface of the previously identified, mineralized horizon, Kutessay III. The chargeability and resistivity images produced by the geophysical study depict the shape of the metallic sulphide anomaly as a dome structure that expands and strengthens to the image cut-off point at a depth of 400 m, in a similar fashion to the Kutessay II mine, but double the size. Dr. Gennady Savchenko, QP and managing director of Stans Energy KG, said, “It is a unique occurrence when you can run a geophysical survey over an existing mine to create a model for similar type deposits in the same area. We are very encouraged by the proximity of these findings to Kutessay II.”

To visually see the geophysical results, please visit Stans’ Aktyuz Ore Field Page.

These initial geophysical results indicate the main east-west fault, which was the target for Soviet trenching and surface drilling, is likely the source of the ‘Aktyuz Ore Field’s’ polymetalic mineralization. Additional geophysical studies will be completed across the remainder of the fault line, to a depth of roughly 400 m below surface, in order to determine other additional anomalies for drilling.

Previously, geologists from the Soviet era performed trenching and surface drilling on the Kutessay III mineralized horizon, to a depth of 50 m, and made the following observations. “This zone is composed of small groups of separated ore bodies detected in surveying (1945-1946) and exploration (1957-1961) with Molybdenum and Thorium mineralization. The ore occurrences are composed of separate lenses (with thicknesses from 2 m to 35 m).”
There were seven known mineralized horizons reported by Soviet geologists and this first target under Kutessay III supports their theory that there would be additional mineralized targets that do not come to surface.

Stans Energy will be discussing these results and its plans for the remainder of the year at the company’s annual meeting on July 14th, 2010.

Please visit Stans Energy’s website – for additional information, or contact:

Robert Mackay
President and CEO, Stans Energy Corp.
Ph. 647 426 1865

David Vinokurov
Manager Investor Relations, Stans Energy Corp
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