Stans Energy Corp. appoints renowned rare earth metallurgist, Doctor Valery D. Kosynkin, to its advisory board

Stans Energy Corp. is pleased to add Doctor Valery D. Kosynkin, an accomplished rare earth elements (REEs) expert in Russia, to its advisory board. The following is a brief professional biography of Dr. Kosynkin:

Dr. Kosynkin was born on May 23, 1936 in the City of Krasnoyarsk. In 1953, he was admitted to the Faculty of Chemistry at Moscow State University, where he graduated with degree in Chemistry. From 1959 until the present, Dr. Kosynkin has been employed by Russia’s State Institute of Chemical Technologies (VNIIHT). Since 1973, he has been in charge of VNIIHT’s research and development of REEs chemistry and technology. In 1964, Dr. Kosynkin earned his Ph.D. dissertation in a uranium related topic. In 1988, Dr. Kosynkin completed his doctorate dissertation on the development of REEs through processing loparite concentrate. He became a professor in 1990. Through his time with VNIIHT, Dr. Kosynkin held the following positions – Chief of Laboratory, Head of the REEs Department, and at present, he presides as an Advisor. Dr. Kosynkin has been in charge of the technical research and commissioning of new REE productions in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia and Kazakhstan. He has lectured in Russia, China and Korea, and was twice a recipient of USSR and Russian government awards for his work in the REEs industry.

Please visit Stans Energy’s website – for additional information, or contact:

Robert Mackay
President and CEO, Stans Energy Corp.
Ph. 647 426 1865

David Vinokurov
Manager Investor Relations, Stans Energy Corp
Ph. 647 426 1865

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