Kutessay II

Kutessay II Heavy Rare Earth Mine

Kutessay II

Kutessay II is the only past-producing Heavy Rare Earth Elements (HREEs) mine in the world outside of China. Stans Energy owns a 20-year mining licence for the property located in Kyrgyzstan in the former Soviet Union. The company has completed a JORC compliant mineral resource estimate as well as a supplementary REE distribution report which identifies the primary commercial components of the open pit mine. Stans has also released an internal metallurgical study which illustrates ways of improving the quality of Rare Earth Oxide (REO) concentrates produced at Kutessay II.  These reports will be incorporated into an upcoming feasibility study for restarting rare earth production operations at Kutessay II, in cooperation with the same Russian institutes that originally designed and built the Kutessay II mine, mill and processing plants.

Kutessay II Facts

  • Former producing Rare Earth Element ( REE) open-pit mine
  • Percentage of HREEs approximately 46%
  • Contains all 15 REEs and formerly produced every REE at purities up to 99.99%
  • Kutessay II concentrate was refined into 120 different REE compounds
  • 30 years of proven metallurgy, with approximately 65% recovery
  • Previously produced 80% of the former Soviet Union’s REEs from 1960-1991
  • Good infrastructure, rail line 43 km away, electrical power on site, and the mine is located 140 km by paved road from Kyrgyzstan’s capital city of Bishkek
  • Abundance of qualified labour living in the area
  • Stans Energy owns 100% of the Processing Complex previously used to create final oxides metals and alloys from Kutessay II concentrate.

JORC Compliant Mineral Resource Estimate for Kutessay II

In March 2011, Stans Energy released an independent technical report, which includes an Australian Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) compliant mineral resource estimate (Australian equivalent to a NI 43-101, see www.jorc.org for details)  for the REOs remaining below the  Kutessay II open pit mine. The comprehensive, 151-page report was prepared by the Kazakhstan Mineral Company (KMO) and authored by the Qualified Person Vladimir V. Danilov, a member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists.  The Kutessay II Mineral Resource Estimate Technical Report is posted on www.sedar.com.

Distribution of Rare Earth Elements at Kutessay II

In April 2011, Stans Energy released a supplementary report to the JORC estimate illustrating the overall distribution of the individual REEs within the Kutessay II deposit. The report was prepared by a team of experts with extensive knowledge on the history of the Aktyuz Ore Field, led by N. N. Malyukova.  A summary of Malyukova’s findings is as follows:

This REE breakdown will be the distribution estimate to be used for the Kutessay II feasibility study.  It is important to note that individual REE distributions vary across elevations and mineral types.  Near the surface of the deposit, a greater proportion of HREEs exist compared to LREEs.  Stans plans to conduct drilling below the lowermost 2215 Adit Level of the deposit to: better define the rare earth element distribution, delineate and confirm inferred mineral resources identified in the JORC technical report, as well as to test the extension of REE mineralization below the currently known deposit.

N. N. Malyukova’s report , “Distribution of Mineral Ore Types and Grades of Rare Earth Elements in the Kutessay II Deposit” will be posted on www.sedar.com as a supplemental report to the Kutessay II JORC Mineral Resource Estimate.

Kutessay II Mining License

In December 2010, Stans Energy Corp. received a 20-year mining licence for the Kutessay II HREE open pit mine in Kyrgyzstan. The company acquired 100% of the Kutessay II deposit along with 100% of the Kalesay Beryllium deposit from the Government of Kyrgyzstan for $855,000 US by acquiring 100% of “Kutisay Mining” on the Central Asian Stock Exchange. In January 2010, Stans acquired an exploration license for the REE Aktyuz Ore Field, which surrounds the Mining License for Kutessay II, and the Kalesay Beryllium deposit. The Mining Licence for Kutessay II and the Legal Due Diligence Summary Report prepared for Stans can be found below:

View a copy of the Kutessay II Mining License

Kutessay II Title Opinion

Kutessay II History

The history of Kutessay II is closely connected with the study of the whole Aktyuz ore field. Workings by ancient miners, dating to the 10th Century, were very widespread in the form of mining, the remnants of smelting furnaces and slag heaps. In modern times, the Aktyuz deposit was known to local hunters.

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Kutessay II Geology

The Kutessay II REEs deposit, is located in the Kemin area on the northern slope of the Tasa–Kemin mountain Range, about 1 km southwest of the Aktiuz deposit, at 76_07E, 42_51N. The deposit was discovered in 1943 with reserves calculated in 1951.

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Kutessay II Overview

Rare earth metals (hereinafter REM) were known at the Aktyuz Ore Fields of the Kyrgyz Republic since the 1930s and started to be seriously examined from 1956, when industry was in sharp need for elements of yttrium group, especially thulium.

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