The Rare Earths are a group of 17 elements whose unique metallurgic, magnetic and luminescent properties make them indispensable in a wide variety  of advanced technologies.  Despite their name, rare earth elements are not rare in the earth’s crust, however the technology to separate them from their various minerals is rare.   It is this very scarcity of these minerals that led to the term “rare earth”.


•China currently controls and produces 94% of global Light Rare Earths (LREEs)
•China currently controls and produces 100% of global Heavy Rare Earths (HREEs)
•There is currently an export quota system that is regulated by the central Chinese authorities.
•Export quotas have been decreasing year over year causing firms to seek secure supply outside of China
•China has a double pricing system where domestic pricing is held down to encourage firms to transfer of their manufacturing capacity and intellectual property processes to China
•Current market dynamics create opportunities for firms that can be first to market with non-Chinese sources of Rare Earths.
•Secondary sources of supply are critical for non-Chinese based manufacturers to safe guard proprietary processes.