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  • Stans at a Glance

    Our business consists of exploring and developing resource properties that contain metals necessary for the future of our planet. Stans Energy’s immediate goal is to become a near-term producer of heavy rare earth elements (HREEs). We’ve created an introductory video for viewers to better understand our company’s potential.

  • Kutessay II Mine Tour

    During a recent visit to Kyrgyzstan, the officers of Stans took a trip to the Kutessay II rare earth mine to assess the company’s progress. Robert Mackay, President and CEO, Boris Aryev, COO, and Gennady Savchenko, Managing Director of Stans Energy KG, were accompanied by a Russian business network for a segment on Kyrgyz television.

  • New Target Zone

    Stans recently completed a geophysical survey over the Kutessay II mine, and its surrounding areas. The geophysical results have produced a drill target located only 500m south west of Kutessay III. The results of this drill target are expected in Q3, and could potentially change the company’s immediate goals.